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AccuCheck from Kodit.

Keeping up to date with your assets - where they are - who has them - can be tiresome but it is also very necessary, without strict control it is very difficult to protect your IT resources.

Would it surprise you to know that there is a reasonably priced, easy to use way of gaining that control? AccuCheck from Kodit is an extremely versatile product that is used in education and industry throughout the UK and encompasses so much more than just tracking and tracing.

It is equally as well suited to anyone who needs to track and protect valuable assets, here are a few of the benefits:

* Portable Digital Assistant

Kodit Database Ltd has developed blocks of computer code that allow for rapid creation of intelligent mobile data collection / verification solutions in the areas of Health, Asset Maintenance, Asset Lifecycle Management and Emergency Response Management. The applications are deployed "in the Cloud" using internationally recognised standards for communications and data security.

Users can operate the applications both in Batch Mode and Real Time using Windows Mobile devices with either Barcode, Radio Tags (RFID) or Biometric identification methods.

Kodit software can be seamlessly integrated into the technology base of almost any organisation. It can be developed to be an invisible component of your branded product or service or it can be used as a free standing Kodit application by your team.

Kodit's vast experience of working closely with a diverse group of partners means that they have encountered most of the data streaming challenges you may be facing. The software can be used with most modern viable technology platforms including:

Asset Tracking and Inventory Control with WASP

For a more affordable solution WASP provides "Out of the Box" packages which, although not as comprehensive as Kodit, are adequate in lots of situations and are kinder on the pocket.

Whether you are tracking inventory or assets WASP Barcode Technologies have developed systems that put you in control, and now they have introduced easy to use solutions - barcode scanner, software, printer, sample labels and ribbons- that come right out the box.

Mobile Asset is capable of satisfying the requirements of government, healthcare and educational agencies as well as both small and large companies. With Standard, Professional and Enterprise versions there is the right package for everyone.

What can it do for you?

Inventory Control - is a complete stock management system for small businesses. It enables you to track and manage stock at one or multiple sites and locations. You can easily create new stock items or import existing supplier and stock data using the Import Wizard. Check stock in and out to employees and customers.

The benefits to you will soon be seen within your company.


DeliveryPOD Tracking Systems for Mail, Parcels, Assets, Files and Documents.

DeliveryPOD Tracking Systems track mail, parcels, assets, files and documents.

DeliveryPOD Mailroom is ideal for organisations that need to track in-coming mail and parcels from point of receipt to their final destination which is typically somebody at their desk. The system can also track outgoing mail and parcels.

DeliveryPoD Asset Track allows organisations of all sizes to track both fixed assets and mobile assets across their entire infrastructure as well as handling loans and allocations to external customers.

DeliveryPoD File Track allows you to track and manage Files, Documents and Records no matter where they go. You can store documents and files, loan them, track them as the move from location to location or person to person.

DeliveryPoD Enterprise handles all of your Internal Tracking needs. It allows you to track Mail, Documents, Assets and Files from a desk in one site to a desk or location in another site.

DeliveryPoD Logistics is the perfect parcel tracking system for your own fleet and third party logistics situations.

Why DeliveryPOD?

DeliveryPoD software is highly configurable and caters for all types of internal tracking as well as more traditional parcel tracking applications.  The off-the-shelf systems use a combination of Barcodes and Mobile Computers to track items, so you always know where an item is and have a full audit trail to prove it.

The mobile computers have in-built barcode readers, digital camera (option) and on-screen signature capture.

This means:

Web Based Tracking Systems

DeliveryPoD tracking systems are modern web based systems, which bring many advantages:

The systems provide unrivalled levels of configurable tracking and support for Multiple Buildings, Sites, Locations, Mail Trolleys, Vehicles, Depots, Staff, Customers and Couriers.

Just Buy What You Need

Organisations are free to purchase only the modules they need and not the ones they do not. If you only need Internal Mail Tracking, you can just purchase that module. If you just need Asset Tracking or File Tracking you just purchase the module.

You can upgrade your license at any time to include other modules, so you know you are not just buying into a dead end system.

It is also a lot cheaper than buying separate systems from multiple vendors for these reasons:

· You can use the same mobile computers

· We just enable a module (already installed on your system) with a license key - avoiding the need and cost of a separate installation

You deal with one company for multiple systems, reducing support costs dramatically.  Customers like to have the option of buying everything from one company who is then responsible for the whole system. This is why DeliveryPOD provides all of the services required to make a project a complete success.

In addition Inventory Version 6 introduces Real Time data capture.