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Innovative Print Technologies

At PPL we understand that our clients often have unique or specific printing requirements. Our Pre-Sales Support Engineers have a huge breadth of knowledge of printing solutions across a plethora of engine technologies, media, software platforms and communication systems. We believe that printing systems should be built to fit the clients printing requirements, rather than users be forced to use less than satisfactory print solutions.

Trans-generation IT systems

Many of our clients have legacy systems,(DEC, DG, IBM for example) which can only drive older impact style technology printers, but require the quality of output delivered by laser printer technology. PPL has a number of software and hardware tools to enable existing dot matrix data streams to be used with modern laser or high speed inkjet printers.

We can help customers transfer from legacy systems by allowing them to invest in printing hardware which will be compatible with both their existing and proposed replacement systems.


PPL has decades of experience of working with barcoding printers from a variety of manufacturers. Our engineers are manufacturer trained and can support all our high speed 300dpi barcode printing systems.

Letterhead on the fly

PPL has successfully implemented the RISO Comcolor series printers for printing customers letterheads as part of the workflow. This saves cost by allowing the
client to switch to a high speed, low cost colour, white paper solution. Thus reducing the handling costs and investment in pre-printed stationary.

Continuous forms Laser printing

We have a number of continuous forms laser printers in our portfolio which allow the printing of data and barcodes onto a range of media. Suitable for direct mailing and secure print applications, these machines can print up to 500K pages per month on a regular basis.

Our Technical Sales Engineers can review your requirements and often recommend either a more efficient or cost effective alternative, or indeed a specific machine to deliver the printing solution you need.