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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing areas in business as more and more companies realise the benefits of accessing data on-line without the expense and hassle of installing and maintaining a server and local PCs. Application updates are easy as there is only 1 "cloud" server application to consider. Costs are on a monthly basis so planning is easier. You can feel confident with the cloud as you have:

Active Studio

Mobile Development Suite

Active Studio is designed for programmers and non-programmers alike.

With an easy to use development environment that gives the designer a fully functional simulator that looks and acts like the actual device.

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The concept behind Blueprint is the creation of application workflows using flowcharting, these workflows are then used by either Blueprint Mobile or Desktop, where they generate and control the user interface. The use of workflows reduces development and testing time. This use of workflow documents allows for the migration to other devices and operating systems.

The data collected is stored in a results table, using a predefined set of fields. The data collected can be reported on directly with Blueprint or extracted for other systems to use.

The built-in report designer can be used to generate complete reports straight into PDF.

Off-The Shelf Software

Our software partner Trakware Solutions (TWS) has numerous off-the-shelf packages which can have you up and running very quickly, some examples are:


MCL have now released version 4 of their software and are expected to announce end of life (EOL) for version 3 towards the end of 2015. With the newly developed MCL-Designer V4 customers get a more powerful and easier to use development environment while maintaining the key elements essential to MCL-Collection, including Cross-OS App development capabilities, intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) visual app development and testing tools and easier integration with Back-End systems.

This does not mean that version 3 will no longer work, it simply means that they will no longer provide any support for any issues that follow EOL.

Version 4 is a Web based application that can be run out-with Web access, but with limited functionality. (Call us for details).

With the full Web package the customer is allocated a secure Web account. Within this account an administrator would set up sites, devices, users and device programs. The account is based on the number of device licenses purchased. These licenses can be split between the sites and the devices allocated to that site. Should a device be withdrawn from service the license is re-useable and can be easily re-allocated to a new device.  Device programs can be allocated to a particular device or a group of devices and can be scheduled for installation to the devices.

The devices must have Internet access for two reasons, one is that they are updated from the web site as and when required and two they contact the web site periodically to check that they are still activated and licensed to run.

Version 4 of MCL-Net is run on a local PC as with version 3.

Software to Try Before You Rent

We are very conscious that business often needs a quick and easy way into barcoding, access to programmes that can be rented and therefore tested are an ideal way of doing this. They can be tested FREE OF CHARGE and then rented for as little as 3 months. The programmes are suitable for use on numerous hand-held units. New applications are constantly being added so if you don't see what you are looking for then call us and we'll check for you. Here are some examples with a quick description of the features:

EasyGo! POD Lite

EasyGo! In&Out&Dispatch

Easy Go! Labels

EasyGo! Picking Lite

Easy Go! Management Suite/Goods Receipt

EasyGo! Field Services

EasyGo! Inventory

EasyGo! Inventory and Check

Identeasy SalesForce

What are the Benefits?

  1. Increase Revenue - No more incomplete paperwork, No more unreadable handwriting, No more unreadable signatures, No more disputes with customers, No more lost paperwork - you will now invoice every transaction and because of increased accuracy will issue fewer credit notes. This will increase your revenue.
  2. Improve Cash Flow - Information goes back to the office in seconds - No more missing, lost or delayed paperwork or lost in the post delaying invoicing. Raise invoices immediately.
  3. Increase Productivity
    Mobile Workers - Information is available to you as it happens in the field so you have real time tracking of your mobile workforce, enabling you to take control, maximise effectiveness and optimise your schedules to fit in extra jobs.
    Front Office Staff - Task details can be sent to the handheld devices - it now takes seconds instead of minutes to allocate jobs and at a fraction of the price of a mobile phone call.
    Management Resources - The valuable information that was inaccessible on paper forms is now in electronic format so detailed reports can be produced quickly and easily, enabling you to steer your business in a more effective direction.

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TracerPlus from PTS - Do it yourself or we can program for you.

TracerPlus offers individual users, small businesses and large enterprises the ability to create powerful, barcode enabled, mobile data collection applications in minutes. Many common tasks such as mobile asset management, mobile inventory control, and many others become fast and easy with TracerPlus.

No programming knowledge is needed - just create your familiar forms, such as inventory audit sheets and material receipts, right on your PDA.

TracerPlus Desktop is the first desktop based, mobile development tool developed specifically for TracerPlus users.

Desktop gives non-programmers the power to create enterprise class mobile forms in an intuitive drag and drop environment similar to most publishing programs.

Programmers will appreciate the rich data collection feature set that will save them hours of development time.

With TracerPlus Desktop mobile forms are developed in a simple three step process:

  1. Assign field names and attributes.
  2. Build your mobile form.
  3. Deploy to virtually any Windows Mobile or CE.Net device.

Application Generators

Consolidation can bring many benefits

Creative Studio 6 software is performance-packed and precision-focused so you can make swift work of your most complex projects, for example:

With Adobe InDesign,® you can craft highly designed eBooks* and deliver media-rich publications for iPad and other tablet devices. Adapt layouts efficiently for different print and screen sizes while maintaining precise control over design and typography.

Adobe Dreamweaver® allows you to design websites using the latest HTML5/CSS3 standards, and with new Fluid Grid Layouts it’s easier than ever to design responsive website designs that scale and look great on screens of virtually any size, without drowning in code.

As an accredited reseller for Adobe products Central Peripherals can guide you to the product or package that will suit you best so call today to discuss your requirements with us

Adobe Software

Most of us are familiar with Adobe products and use them on a day to day basis to create and send PDF images, but many organisations also use them more creatively for training and sales purposes. Purchases of the product are often made on a departmental basis without knowledge of where else in the organisation Adobe products are being used.

MCL - Collection

MCL is a rapid application development tool allowing you to create, integrate, and deploy enterprise mobile worker applications quickly and easily for any purpose, in any industry-retail, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, transportation and logistics, government, healthcare, field service, and more.

MCL-Collection is an object orientated, high-productivity development tool. It is cross-platform compatible, and integrates seamlessly from mobile computer to host application.