Stock Manager

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After many successful years we have re-written and re-vamped our Warehouse Organiser System and renamed it Stock Manager. It has been re-written to keep up with advances in technology and changes in the needs of local authorities and manufacturing industries. Using hand held wireless data terminals and written in Visual it is compatible with Windows 7and later versions and by using SQL Express it is an altogether more robust product.

Stock Manager is wireless based to ensure that up to date information is always available. The system can connect into your existing radio network or we can supply the necessary hardware to install a new wireless network.

Stock Manager is based on the use of handheld, portable bar code reading equipment for use in many environments from building stores to a modern office. The portable units can be used to record a wide range of information, for example issues of materials to repair work, picking operations prior to despatch, stock takes, stock put away, asset tracking and attendance recording.

All of the information recorded is stored on a Server Computer in a Microsoft SQL database. The database can be used for a variety of reporting and analysis functions. In addition the data can be exported from the database in a variety of formats compatible with many other mainframe applications.

In a typical stores environment the system would perhaps find greatest use in recording issues of materials. In a building stores environment for example an “ISSUE” transaction would require a variety of items to be recorded and other activities performed. Stock Manager records Job Numbers, checks validity, displays job details, records tradesman’s details, allocates cost centre information, records and checks stock codes, checks quantities and records quantity issued.

There is a choice of handheld units available to suit the needs of individual users.

Stock Manager retains all the main features of the original Warehouse Organiser such as Stock Issues, Stock Returns, Goods In and Out, but includes some new features such as Stock Transfer between depots and within Stock Checking is the facility to print discrepancy

reports and complete validation prior to uploading to the mainframe.